Our mission

At Folia, our mission is to inspire people to grow food they're proud of, fostering connections with nature and loved ones.

Picture this: your kitchen bustling with the vibrant colors and enticing scents of your very own harvest, all thanks to the magic of hydroponic technology.

That's the world we want to create—a world where growing your own fresh, delicious food isn't just a chore but a joyful part of your daily life, offering you not just produce but a remarkable return on investment (ROI) on your efforts.

We're not just about hydroponic planters; we're about crafting moments. Moments of pride when you serve a salad made from your homegrown greens, moments of connection when you share your harvest with loved ones.

Our passion lies in blending the simplicity of nature with the innovation of technology, making gardening accessible, effortless, and delightful.

We're not a faceless company; we're a group of people dedicated to infusing your life with the taste of homegrown goodness.

Join us in this personal journey. Let's sow the seeds of a future where your home is a haven of flavor, freshness, and genuine connection, all cultivated by your hands and our shared love for growing.

- Co-Founders, Nick Gu and Sophia Hu

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