From pixels to plants

Folia is a 3D-printed device that uses hydroponics and smart technology to maximize harvests.

  • Nutrient-Powered Growth

    Hydroponics ditches the dirt, delivering a nutrient-packed cocktail directly to your plants for turbocharged growth

  • Maximized Harvest

    Get ready for bigger yields, faster growth, and eco-friendly farming at its finest

  • Year-Round Green Magic

    You call the shots on light, temperature, and more, for thriving plants no matter the season

See how it works

The Folia Origin comes with identical modules stacked on each other forming a central hydroponic 'planter column'.

Explore the mechanics

There are several peripherals regulating plant growth, including a water pump, camera unit, microcontroller, sensors, and grow lights.

Get started with Folia

Assemble Your Folia

Whether you're setting up in your backyard or indoors, build the perfect Folia to suit your needs.

When you receive your Folia, follow the assembly instructions to construct and set up the device. Depending on the lighting conditions, we recommend placing the device near power outlets for the peripherals (camera, pump, and grow lights) to connect easily.

Choose Your Seeds

Select the ideal seedlings for your specific environment, ensuring a successful start.

Some default seeds will be included, but you are welcome to use other seeds. Most hydroponic seeds will work with Folia, and it is best to keep in mind the growing conditions in your area.

Start Growing and Enjoy Fast Harvests

Harvest your own produce in as little as four weeks - it's a hassle-free journey to fresh, homegrown goodness!

Check out the FAQ for more information on how to maintain your device and switch plants when you're up for a change!